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Model : SL100ACP
             MAG AC sliding gate system

MAG SL100ACP is a AC sliding gate operator system package is specifically design to handle residential capacity with ease.  SL100ACP is NOT a new autogate system the just emerged recently.  It has been installed all over Malaysia with  proven satisfied customer for more than 10 years.  You can definitely count on MAG  for a trouble free and reliable autogate system for years to come.

Special feature:

  • Anti Jam technology
    Most of AC motor have this common problem that motor gear set will jammed up when hit obstacle or hit pillar wall during gate overshoot. Upon motor jam, there is no way user can move the gate. Manual release of clutch is also not possible since the gear is jammed. Frustrated user will have to call technician for servicing. SL100AC special anti-jam design prevent this from happening. 
  • Soft start built into motor
    Most AC motor will have a loud machine sound as the gear kicks into motion from cold start. SL100AC motor auto compensate the starting force so that it does not produce any sound.
  • Extra quiet with Nylon pinion gear
    MAG nylon pinion is made with special polymer formula. Nylon elastic property produce minima friction noise with metal gear rack while maintaining sufficient hardness to support up to 600 kg gate with ease.

Standard feature:

  • Standard gate weight supported is 600 kg
  • Silent operation < 60dB
  • Opening speed 10 meter / min
  • Gearbox is greased type
  • Coded remote control allow 30 to 50 meter transmission
  • Support photo beam input for extra safety feature
  • Limit switch using heavy duty micro switch for reliable and accurate positioning.
  • Superior built quality with high grade material